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About Lift me Up Inc.

Lift me Up Incorporated is a charitable 501C3 nonprofit organization that aids to help the "little" person with whatever financial or physical needs that may come their way. Lift me Up intentionally has a lowercase "me", to signify lifting up the "little" person or one who needs help, as it is also shown on our logo. We aid in "lifting those up who need our help" however and whenever we can.


Our Story


Scott and Jill Boxrud

In 2015, Scott and Jill Boxrud opened a business called "All Things New Cleaning Services". This was done to provide employment for people in disadvantaged groups. People were hired and trained on how to be professional Home Cleaners that were excellent at their profession. They were given hope for their future. Those who excelled became Lead Cleaners and were given company cars, all expenses paid. This made it possible for them to come off of government programs and become productive members of society. Most of the employees have been women. Many of these ladies were able to be reunited with their children.


During the next 3 years, Scott and Jill saw many great needs that their employees had, many of which were beyond their means to be able to meet. Some needed extensive dental care, including all new teeth, and many times there were housing needs. Often, someone would be able to rent an apartment but had no furniture to put in it. Many needed help with food, clothing, and the basic necessities of life. Those with children especially needed a helping hand.

Because of this, Lift me Up, Inc., a nonprofit organization was founded in 2018. This made it possible for folks with generous hearts to give a donation to help these amazing people. What is also important is that these are people who are doing all in their power to help themselves but they cannot do it alone. They need our help. We hope that you will consider making a donation on behalf of the less fortunate and extend your hand in lifting someone up today.

All donations are tax deductible.

Charitable Organization

Qualifying Charitable Organization

We have been approved by the state of AZ as a Qualifying Charitable Organization. This allows us to receive state income tax payments because we help Arizona residents. You can pay all or part of your state income tax directly to Lift me Up and deduct that amount for actual money owed to the State of Arizona in taxes. Refer to your accountant on how to do this.

Our QCO number is 22075

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