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Here is a collection of some of our testimonials to remember and show the great work done by the partners and members of Lift me Up Inc.


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"I am so deeply blessed to have had Lift Me Up come into my life. They have done so much for my family and myself. They presented me with a very generous check to buy Christmas presents for my four children. The smiles on their faces Christmas morning meant so much to me. What they have done for me is nothing short of a miracle. I had so many problems with my teeth. Every day came with pain and embarrassment. Now I have a much better quality of life thanks to Lift Me Up. They paid for all my dental work, including a complete set of new teeth. The pain is gone and I'm not afraid to smile anymore. Thank you, God, for bringing these wonderful people into my life."

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"Lift me Up came into my life at the right time. I'd just lost my job and was newly employed by All Things New. I was in a better spot, but had little extra money for gifts. To my surprise I received a large check from Lift me Up right before Christmas! This met my needs and the desires of my children. 

Not only that but Jill is sensitive to our needs, prays & gives from her heart. Jill and Lift me Up are a blessing to all of us. I am greatly appreciate, blessed, and happy to be a part of both All Things New Cleaning and Lift me Up."

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"I am finally at a point in my life where I am about to get my first apartment. I wasn't sure how any of this was going to happen or how I would be able to get the basic things I needed to live in my new apartment. I knew that with my faith in God someway, somehow, it would happen and it did! I have been so blessed that through Lift me Up I have everything I need: a beautiful leather sofa, a new bed, and all of the many items needed to live in my new home. Lift me Up has been such a miracle and I am so grateful to experience a new life thanks to the help it has given me."

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"Lift me Up has been such a big blessing for me in so many ways. Not only has it helped me move into a home but has also motivated me to be a better person. Being a single mother of two little boys can be tough at times. Lift me up has been there to help when those times get rough! They also blessed me with money for Christmas presents for my kids. Everything is very appreciated."

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"I cannot begin to express how blessed I am thanks to Lift me Up. I was able to get a beautiful dress for my wedding and a matching pair of shoes! I looked beautiful. Also, my husband to be was able to see me in a white traditional dress. Through this charity I was also gifted an abundance of kitchen necessities such as an entire pot and pan set, utensils, nice dishes, and coffee mugs. I have cooked almost every night. Thanks to Lift me Up I felt amazing on my wedding day and I have everything I need in my beautiful new apartment."

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"I just want to say 'Thanks from the bottom of my heart' for the beautiful new sofa that Lift me Up provided for me. We had no living room furniture at all. Lift me Up also gave us some money to purchase some other much needed items for our home. My husband wanted to go to school to get a better job. They helped pay for that as welI. It's nice to know that people care." 

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"This is a 'Great Big Thank You' to Lift me Up!  I have taken it upon myself to care for my oldest daughter who is 8 months pregnant and has 4 children. I rented an apartment for all of us to live in but had no money left for furniture, kitchen items, linens, or anything to be able to live a normal life. Lift me Up provided new beds for all of us, beautiful new linens for all of the beds, kitchen items, towels, and even a brand new sofa for our living room. Words cannot express how grateful I am and what it means to have beautiful new beds for my grandchildren, my daughter, and myself. Then they paid for all of the extensive dental work that I needed to have done! I truly have a new life!" 

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"I am now living a new life and it is wonderful. I made the choice to transform everything about myself. I became the mother my daughter needed, the daughter my mom needed, and someone that people can confide in. However, there was still one thing missing and that was my smile. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be able to have all the dental work done that I needed.

I am so blessed, honored, and grateful to Lift me Up. They helped to give me the smile I dreamed of and to complete my transformation. Life is good, God is amazing, and there is still kindness left in this world!" 

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